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PCO Topographical Skills Assessment
Oakwood Cars is an Official PCO Accredited Topographical Skills Testing Centre.
PCO Topographical Skills Assessment
All Private Hire Driver Applicants now have to be tested on their ability to plan routes and read maps. This is known as PCO Topographical Knowledge Testing and can only be carried out by an accredited testing centre. Oakwood Cars is an official accredited testing centre.

If you wish to apply for a Private Hire Drivers License from the PCO, you will need to enclose a certificate from an Official PCO Accredited Testing Centre.
About PCO Topographical Test:
The test is conducted on a one-to-one basis with an examiner. We aim to make the atmosphere informal and relaxed. The test is computer based and is made up of sets of questions of route-planning and map reading. After the completion, the examiner will verify your answers and assess your overall performance. You will be given your test results and told whether or not you have the topographical and route-planning skills necessary to become a successful licensed private hire driver.
After the Test:
If you have met the required standard you will be issued with you pass certificate. If you have not met the required standard you will be given a 'fail sheet' which will give details of the areas where you have not met the required standard. Re-assessment is an option in case you fail to achieve the required standard.
Booking Your Test
Oakwood Cars run PCO Topographical Skills Tests at our centre in East Barnet- including weekends and evenings. You can book your test by calling us on 020 8882 5216.
The cost of a test is:
  • Training and assessment - 50.00 (Half Day)
  • Assessment only - 25.00
  • Additional Training if required 50.00 (Half Day)
  • Re-testing 25.00
  • Price of maps and atlases if you provide - 15.00
A typical Assessment without training will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete depending on candidates.
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